Sunday, June 10, 2012

Shasty in Stir

Shasta is presently hospitalized at Mountainside Vet with a hitherto-unsuspected kidney ailment.  We learned about it when we brought her there to have her teeth cleaned on Thursday.  Lo and behold, the folks at Mountainside informed us that Shasty's creatinine level was very high (sound familiar??) and that she would need some fluids pumped into her before any anesthetic could be applied.  What's more, she may have to go on a special, kidney-friendly diet from now on.  We've visited her a couple of times and she seems to be holding up as well as can be expected.  Hopefully, she will be released from durance vile sometime tomorrow morning or afternoon -- albeit without those "toofs" being cleaned.  We are going to wait on that a bit while we see how she reacts to the new diet.

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