Sunday, June 3, 2012

OK, "Hero for" WHICH Day?

For a moment there, I thought that the long wait for RICHIE RICH: RICH RESCUE #5 was over.  This past week's ComicList listed RR:RR #5 as an impending release, complete with "James Silvani Variant Cover," no less.  My suspicions should have been aroused by the fact that there was no link to any further information about the comic, as there normally would be for a brand-new release.  Came last Wednesday, and the only thing waiting for me in my box was the latest PREVIEWS.

Aaron Sparrow, who would know, assures me that RR:RR #5 will be released in short order.  However, it's already more than a week past the date on which the book was supposed to come out.  This looks to be a "Doubting Thomas" release, in the sense that I'll only believe that it's coming out when I have it in my hot little hands...

UPDATE (6/10/12):  RR:RR #5 is now on the list of comics to be released on the 13th.  And this time, a link is included!  Maybe... just maybe...

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Aaron Sparrow said...

Hi Chris,

There was apparently a bit of a printer to distributor snafu with Richie #5, but I can confirm it is on shelves today! (At any retailer kind enough to order it!)

The good news is that issue #6 will be in stores next week, and we're finalizing issue #7 with the printer now. We hope you like them!