Friday, June 29, 2012

Shasta Update

Shasty has been doing reasonably well since her return home from the vet.  Not that things are back to "normal" by a long stretch; in fact, Nicky and I are acclimatizing ourselves to a "new normal" insofar as Shasty-care is concerned.  We now have to give Shasty subcutaneous fluid injections every 36 to 48 hours.  She is taking some new medications as well.  Most troublesome of all, she has become an ultra-picky eater.  Apparently, one side effect of a dog's kidney issues is that they develop nausea and are less interested in eating in general.  We're giving Shasty antacids and otherwise trying to find some combination of foods that she consistently likes.  We've done fairly well with Life cereal, chicken fat, egg whites, and turkey (not mixed together, mind you), but even those are not a sure thing, depending on her mood.

We're also trying to take Shasty out for regular walks.  She tires pretty quickly (even when the weather is relatively cool), and so we've dug the Houndabout out of storage and are using it to help her get around the block.

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