Sunday, September 18, 2011

King's (Pa.) 51, Stevenson 26... and a Computer Update

After its dramatic win over Christopher Newport, SU's football team really looked its age (to wit: several shades younger than even Grundoon and Churchy LaFemme's nephew) in its first conference game against King's College of Wilkes-Barre. The defense is evidently going to be a big problem all year, and turnovers definitely don't help. The next home game is October 15 against Widener.

I'm still planning on putting up vids from the CNU game once I get the new computer issue straightened out. Apparently, the original machine had a hardware problem, so we sent it back and are being sent a new one. We won't get it until midweek at the earliest, however, and then comes the process of loading the software and such. I'm managing with the help of Nicky's mini, but only just holding serve at present, mostly getting only essential schoolwork and communication done (tonight's posts were a bonus). I can't get back to reviewing Kimba until I can get the stills I clipped for the "City of Gold" review off my old hard drive, and, even then, I'll need to get some new software to do additional picture editing. DUCKTALES #4 and the reprinted BARKS BEAR BOOK will hopefully get reviewed by the end of this coming week.

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