Friday, September 30, 2011

At Last... Scenes from Stevenson's First Home Football Game!

Sorry it took me so long to process and upload these pics 'n vids. Enjoy!

Finally ready for some football... the opening kickoff! Note that SU's team is on the far sideline, away from the stands. I imagine that this was a deliberate attempt to keep the players' focus away from the temptation to do the "hi Mom and Dad, look at ME!" routine. There are also a lot of extra B-squad players in uniform for this special occasion.

Nicky and I model our "SU-rags."

The brand-new SU Marching Band does its first-ever pregame march-on...

... and its first-ever halftime show. Not too shabby, wouldn't you say, for a group that had just begun practicing as a unit about a month before.

The aftermath of an amazing game. SU needed a last-second field goal (from a kicker who'd earlier missed an XP) to send it to OT. Christopher Newport responded to an SU TD in overtime #1 with a score of its own, helped immensely by an egregious pass interference call on an uncatchable pass. CNU then managed a field goal in OT #2 and stopped SU on two plays before a lob pass found a tumbling Mustang receiver in the back corner of the end zone (the one seen above).

This game is all of a piece with SU's other games this year. Last week, the Mustangs (1-3) lost at Lebanon Valley 61-37, continuing their season-long propensity to score points and give up even more points. In the four games thus far, the fewest points that SU has given up have come in the 46-43 CNU game. Well, if we have to have a losing season, then it's much more entertaining to lose 61-37 than it is to lose 61-7.

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