Friday, September 2, 2011

Getting-out-of-the-Business Sale

The November PREVIEWS is out, and we get to see the residue of "The kaboom! kollapse," aka what kaboom! is going to offer the kiddies now that original Disney comics have been "kicked to the kurb." SPACE WARPED, SNARKED, WORD GIRL, and a new (!!) PEANUTS comic book... not exactly the kid-comic version of "Murderers' Row," eh? More like "Murmurer's Row," if you ask me -- though I will try out issue #0 of the PEANUTS book, just to see whether it can improve upon the not-entirely-satisfying WARM BLANKET project.

Not that Boom! Disney comics are absent from the sales list. Far from it, in fact... for Boom! is advertising just about EVERY hardcover and softcover collection that it has ever published in what I imagine is the equivalent of an "everything must go!" warehouse sale. Unfortunately, Boom! does not appear to have lowered the prices on these collections; the superb WALT DISNEY'S VALENTINE'S CLASSICS, for example, is still listed at $24.99. So if you want to pick up any of these beauties at a reduced price, Amazon is still probably your best bet.


November is also a good month to sample TINTIN, as a number of reprints, biographies of Herge, etc. are being published in advance of the December 23 release of Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson's The Adventures of Tintin. I've seen the trailer for the latter, and it looks... well, "interesting" is a safe choice of word right now. But if you ever wanted to dive into Herge's marvelous works, then this would appear to be the opportune time to do so.


Joe Torcivia said...

Don’t we ALWAYS see this when a Disney line ends! (Gosh! I can now say that as if it’s a regular occurrence… mostly because it IS!)

The publisher trots out all the wares it still has license to sell. Too bad most (but, thankfully, not ALL) of the Boom! TPBs are of their earlier, lesser efforts – and not full of the better stuff that followed.

Chris Barat said...


Yes, but the big surprise here is that they didn't compromise when it came to price. They still want full price. As I said, Amazon can beat that!


Joe Torcivia said...

Honestly, Chris… If they’re selling these items through PREVIEWS to comic shops, what would be the reason to discount them?

That would only serve to undercut the already unsold stock which the comic shops may have PREVIOUSLY BOUGHT when the outlook was great – and the early product had not been well scrutinized for quality, or the lack thereof. That’s not the way the business works.

If Boom! decided to cut their own prices and sell it on their own – or did a big dump onto a third party seller at a cut rate. Or a retailer with a lot of overstock gathering dust decided to discount them. THAT’S how you find the low prices. That and, of course, utilizing a known discounter like Amazon.

Any other way would hurt comic shops, unless they made the previously-ordered merchandise somehow returnable for credit. Diamond also enters the mix when that happens, and it becomes a complicated mess

Oh, and in comics, quality and price have never really corresponded. On that, I’m certain we can agree!

Finally, just imagine a Donald Duck TPB of “Special Correspondent”, "Captain Duckburg", and “Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold Again”! How great would THAT be! I’d run out to get one! But, instead, we got stuff like “The Hunt for Old Number One”! Would you buy that… even at a discount?