Friday, September 9, 2011

DUCKTALES #4... Primed to Escape Next Week?

This page on Boom!'s web site seems to suggest that DUCKTALES #4 -- the release of which was delayed in the wake of the critical thrashing given to DT #3 -- will be hitting store shelves next week. However, I'd hesitate to say more than that its release is a definite "maybe." Notice that DT #4 is listed as both scheduled for release on September 14 and as a "coming soon" attraction. I don't honestly know what to make of that. It'd certainly be nice (not to mention less embarrassing) for kaboom! to wrap up the "Rightful Owners" story arc before we swing into the trumpeted DuckTales-Darkwing Duck crossover. But seeing will definitely be believing in this case.

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