Sunday, December 2, 2012

Haven't We Seen These Tales Before?

Long-time readers of my reviews -- going back to the days when this blog was a bare-bones enterprise housed in the "Baratcave" -- may recall the warm praise that I gave to this wonderful, David Gerstein-edited collection of the Disney GOOD HOUSEKEEPING pages of the 30s and 40s.

I'm not sure how well the volume ended up selling, but Amazon says that it has only one copy left in stock, so I'll take that as a good sign.

If there were any justice, then MICKEY AND THE GANG would forever remain the definitive collection of the HOUSEKEEPING features.  An interloper appears to have arrived on the scene, however, judging by the most recent issue of PREVIEWS magazine. 

The publisher -- either Universe or Rizzoli (what, no Isles?), depending upon what source you're reading -- credits Walt Disney (!) as the "author" of this book, which will feature "50 of the funniest and most fascinating features" from the HOUSEKEEPING years.  Rizzoli is apparently connected in some manner with the Italian edition of the Gottfredson Library, so this probably isn't some fly-by-night project, but still... are these people aware that MICKEY AND THE GANG even exists?  And if so, then what's the point?


Debbie Anne said...

Looking at the date on your article, the Gemstone book was printed in 2005, and Gemstone is no longer publishing Disney books, so it makes sense that another publisher would reprint these pages seven years later. This new book doesn't kook like it will be as exhaustive as the Gemstone volume, but may be a good opportunity to put these pages back in the public consciousness.

Chris Barat said...


Your theory does make sense. The Gemstone book did the job so thoroughly, though, that I hope that Rizzoli will at least consult it before putting together its version.