Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Don't Panic...

... the clones will be sent in soon!  But first, I have to negotiate the always-hectic period right before final exams.

To tide you over, here are a few items from the case files of DuckTales International.  There are a number of Youtube videos that package together the DuckTales theme song as performed in a variety of languages: here's just one example.  Of all the non-English versions I've heard, the German version is probably the best.  It has a certain "swing" all its own and gets some extra points for managing to include the German names for Scrooge (Dagobert Duck), HD&L (Tick, Trick und Track), and Duckburg (Entenhausen):

The Germans also went to the trouble of redubbing the voices of HD&L after the initial run of the series.  Apparently, the three male voice actors who originally did the honors were thought to be insufficiently "Ducky" sounding, so a young female actress was recruited to take their place.  (This same actress also did the voice of Dot Warner for the German dub of Animaniacs.)  A viewing of the German dub of "Send in the Clones" reveals just what a good job she did -- one akin to a younger Russi Taylor.


joecab said...

I just discovered that Google Translate can handle a bunch of the Duck comics places and characters. It's not consistent (and sometimes it only gives you first names), but it got Duckburg, Scrooge, Flintheart, and Gyro correct in a number of languages.

Chris Barat said...


You can also find these listed on inDUCKS, the Disney Comics search engine. Just search by character name and you'll get a whole bunch of international versions.