Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lebanon Valley 31, Stevenson 28

This may have been the most impressive game that Nicky and I have seen Stevenson play in person.  Last year's inaugural home win against Christopher Newport was more exciting -- plus, of course, that game ended in a WIN -- but that happy result could at least partially be put down to the other team's lack of familiarity with SU's personnel.  Lebanon Valley, by contrast, is a power in the Mustangs' conference and massively outweighed SU along the offensive and defensive lines.  LVC ground, ground, and ground away all afternoon to the tune of nearly 300 rushing yards, but the Mustangs refused to go quietly.  A quarterback change at halftime proved to be a tonic for the SU offense.  However, the new QB's inexperience showed when he gave away an interception deep in Mustang territory that resulted in a fourth-quarter touchdown.  SU scored inside the final minute on a gadget play and almost recovered the ensuing onside kick, but no such luck.

The Mustangs' next home game will be Homecoming on October 20 against Wilkes, which just lost to Widener, 90-0.  We'll be sure to post some pictures and vids from that game.  The bad news is that SU has to travel to Widener in a couple of weeks.  I was hoping to travel to Chester, PA for that game, but I wanted to take some family members along, and not enough of them could make it.  I'll still be seeing Mom and the sibs very shortly for a very special ("oh, is that what you call it?") birthday celebration.  

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