Sunday, September 16, 2012

Delaware Valley 34, Stevenson 10

Stevenson's football team is 0-3 at this point of the season... but not all losses are created equal.  The Mustangs lost their first home game 26-16 to Shenandoah, a team that they lost to by almost 40 points in their inaugural game last year.  I don't have any footage or pics from that game because it was delayed for quite some time due to a lightning storm and Nicky and I decided to leave before the game finally got under way.  Last week, SU lost 29-22 in OT at Albright after the opposing kicker booted a long field goal to tie the game at the gun.  That game, too, had issues with lightning delays.

Weather wasn't a problem yesterday afternoon as the Mustangs squared off against Delaware Valley.  Competitiveness, however, was.  SU lost 34-10 and was frankly fortunate to keep the score that close.  Losing to DVC, which started the season in the Division III Top 25, was probably to be expected, but the Mustangs actually seemed beaten before the game had even begun.  I haven't seen such unimaginative play-calling since Gerry Faust was doing his "Pinkett, Pinkett, Pass, and Punt" routine at Notre Dame in the mid-80s.  SU didn't even try to move the ball right before halftime when they still had three timeouts.  I have to admit, I booed.  It was that "Philadelphia-fandom upbringing" coming out, I suppose.

The SU Marching Band is now officially the "Marching One Hundred" and has been outfitted with actual uniforms for the new season.  The "manner of presentation" has been slicked up, as well, as you can see below.

As impressive as "The Band, Mark 2" sounds, Nicky and I both agreed that the sense of fun we experienced during the inaugural season somehow seemed to be missing.  There's something to be said for a semi-spontaneous "scramble-band" approach, especially at the Division III level.

Back next week -- weather permitting -- as the Mustangs host Lebanon Valley.

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