Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Where Your Tress-ure Is, There Will Your Heart Be Also"

While Googling a Gadget link for a recent column, I accidentally ran across this Web site and... well, it's hard to know WHAT to say about this, aside from cracking a few funnies:

(1) Is there a heretical spinoff of the "Cult of Gadget" in which Gadget represents the power of Light battling against her evil twin Lahwhiney, standing in for the power of Darkness? Sort of a parallel to the Cult of Mithras?

(2) Can we now regard the episode "The Case of the Cola Cult" as a seminal doctrinal text involving Temptation (Gadget joining the Cola Cult) followed by a redemptive Crusade (Gadget playing "Rambo-ette" to save the other Rangers)?

(3) What role does Tress MacNeille play in Gadget's Nativity narrative -- if any?

Seriously (if one CAN be serious about this), I don't know but what I would prefer the "worship" of a cartoon character, tongue-in-cheek or otherwise, to the decidedly devilish disagreements that have cropped up among fans ABOUT cartoon characters and other fictional creations. At least the former doesn't involve alienating other people for no truly meaningful reason.


Gregory Weagle said...

Wow...just wow. I shudder to think what a TaleSpin religion would look like. I know how the fans would react to one since I made some funny jokes about Kit Cloudkicker being the savior and several fans basically called me out on it since some of them thought it was blastomphy and offensive.

Chris Barat said...


I honestly think this whole thing is a send-up, but, if so, they're certainly putting up a good front.

And an actual TALE SPIN religion may not be viable, but SOMEONE had to have precipitated that snow at Louie's Place...