Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back in the States Again!

This blog has been on "standby" for 10 days for a very good reason -- Nicky and I have been out of the country! We got back today from a trip to Budapest, Vienna, and Salzburg. My mother accompanied us.

Once I get my feet back under me here at home, I'll be posting a detailed day-by-day account of the journey, complete with pictures, etc. Here's a Cliffs Notes version of what to expect...

(1) We managed to make contact with and meet most of my dad's surviving relatives in Budapest. Despite the language problem, we had a great time and plan to keep in touch via e-mail and the magic of instant (written) translation.

(2) We literally did not have a single bad meal -- and we ate in pretty reasonable places, no five-star restaurants.

(3) The heat and lack of easy access to (free) drinking water were the only serious travel issues that we encountered.

(4) There will be a few Disney comics-related observations thrown in, I promise!

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