Friday, July 2, 2010

The W-M Deformation

Two advertising signs recently glimpsed on Reisterstown Road, near our neighborhood:

1. (Dunkin' Donuts) "Try Nem (sic) Chicken Biscuit"
2. (Captain Harvey's Seafood Restaurant) "All You Can Eat Mednesday (sic)"

Coincidence??? Has some neighborhood ne'er-do-well gone mild and sought to make our lives morse by flipping letters at mill??? Someone should tell his Wow on him. That'd surely make his ill-considered scheme hit the mall.


Gregory Weagle said...

That sounds like my rants sometimes because I know what I'm talking about; but I'm a little too careless with the keyboard when I'm typing.

Joe Torcivia said...

That’s very funny, Chris! Especially because it’s real!

The best such sign I ever saw was a chalkboard outside a restaurant in NYC’s Penn Station that said:

“Today’s Special Soup – Spit Pea and Ham!”

I wonder how many takers they had!

And, one more misspelling would have made it much worse… “Spit, Pee, and Ham”, anyone?


Chris Barat said...


The worst goof I've seen in Baltimore was the sign on the Poe House in east Baltimore announcing that the building's renovation "is (sic) been postponed due to the winter weather." The same missive referred to Poe's "biecentennial" (sic) web site. I was embarrassed for the city!