Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stevenson 35, Misericordia 14... BUT WAIT, There's More!

As I expected, Stevenson handled Misericordia last Saturday to finish 7-3 and in fourth place in the Middle Atlantic Conference -- not bad at all for a program in its fourth season of existence.  The Mustangs, however, got an unexpected bonus when they were invited to play in something called the ECAC Southeast Bowl.  The game will be this Saturday at Stevenson against Bethany (WV).  It's not exactly the Division III playoffs, but, hey, who's complaining?  Especially when Nicky and I, as season-ticket holders, are getting free admission to the game?

Happily, the weather on Saturday promises to be warmer than the arctic conditions we've endured the past few days.  We're still going to, as Nicky likes to put it, "dress in layers" for the occasion.

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