Friday, November 28, 2014

ECAC Southeast Bowl: Stevenson 27, Bethany (WV) 9 (11/22)

Given an unexpected opportunity to extend their season -- and on friendly turf, no less -- the Mustangs took full advantage against the Bethany (WV) Bison in a concoction called the ECAC Southeast Bowl.  The game took place at the end of a very cold week, so, despite a fairly benevolent Saturday forecast, Nicky and I came bundled up, with an extra blanket in tow, just in case.  Even so, the wind and cold were severe enough that we decided to vamoose at halftime.  It was a good decision, because Stevenson already had a 23-0 lead, playing an exceptionally crisp first half.  (They did miss an extra point, but we've sort of come to expect that by now.)  The second half was apparently much less pleasing, but the Mustangs already had the game in hand anyway. 

The crowd was a little subdued, partially because of people's attire (it's hard to clap loudly when you're wearing gloves) and partially because there just weren't that many people on hand.  The players made up for it, though; the Mustangs' bench was easily the loudest I have ever heard it.  Evidently, finishing 8-3 and sending the 20-odd seniors out on a winning note was something that the players really wanted to accomplish.

Chalk this season up as a huge success, and let's try for Middle Atlantic title contention in 2015!

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