Thursday, October 30, 2014

There's "Definitely" Something A-Web Here

We've gotten a few additional particulars on the mysterious "Joe Books Darkwing Duck project."  This month's issue of PREVIEWS solicits the collected "revised"/"reimagined"/whatever Boom! DARKWING series, issued under the title DARKWING DUCK: DEFINITELY DANGEROUS, as a January release.  Releases based on the Disney films Cinderella and Frozen are also solicited, which would tend to support the theory that Joe Books is something more than an ephemeral entity with an ambitious PR arm and a bare-bones Web site.

There's still no tangible information regarding the "ongoing DARKWING series" that's supposed to follow on the heels of this release.  But this announcement is a promising step forward.

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Elaine said...

Hmm, I wonder whether the release connected to "Cinderella" is actually related to the live-action Cinderella due out next year, directed by Kenneth Branagh....and if so, how that will transfer to a comic.