Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lycoming 31, Stevenson 10 (10/4)

Stevenson's football team had this past weekend off to recover from its first loss of the season, at Lycoming.  The Lycoming coach had some nice things to say about the Mustangs' effort, but the nationally ranked Warriors showed that SU still has some way to go to compete with the very best teams in its conference.  In particular, the shaky offense produced only three points against the strong Lycoming defense, with Stevenson's only touchdown coming on a kickoff return.

Another member of the Middle Atlantic's power elite, Delaware Valley, will be visiting Owings Mills this coming Saturday, the first of two consecutive home football weekends.  Homecoming is the following weekend.  Things are still looking very good for the Mustangs to record their first winning season.  The question is just how good the season will be.

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