Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Stevenson 20, Lebanon Valley 14

The Mustangs finally got a game on home turf this past Saturday and improved to 3-0, hanging on to beat the Dutchmen.  SU played about as well as I've ever seen them play in taking a 20-0 halftime lead.  At the start of the second half, a Mustang back dashed some 70 yards for a touchdown, but the play was nullified for holding.  It was an omen.  LVC scored on two second-half drives, the last of which was a 9- or 10-minute marathon of a march.  Thereafter, it was a simple manner of fending the Dutchmen off.  The Mustangs drained five extremely important minutes off the clock in the late going with their running attack, and a final LVC pass was intercepted to ice matters.

Stevenson is on the road for the next two weeks.  I'm hoping for a split before the next home game on my birthday, Oct. 18.

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