Friday, September 19, 2014

"Remaster"ing the "DuckTales" Universe

My review of the "cutscenes" from DuckTales Remastered should be posted sometime during the next several days.  Expecting some sort of "sneak peek" at my verdict?

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Pan Miluś said...

There are plenty of things to love about the game but one that coth my attention is the fact that Magica and Glomgold get to interact, since they both main villians on the show but yet never shared any screen screen time (in fact it's very rare for them to meet in the comics) so it was fun so see them interact for a scene. Their relationship appear to be perfect of how I would imagine as I always seen Magica and Glomgold as rivals.

I wish they was option of becoming the Masked Mallard as oryginaly planed BTW.