Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Update from Zayed 9

No, this is not a report to the Federation on yet another newly discovered civilization that has had its development altered by yet another faulty adherence to the Prime Directive.  I'm here in the transplant unit at Johns Hopkins Hospital, in the second day of recover from Monday's surgery.  My brother Andy, the donor, was discharged this morning.

The surgery took longer than expected, about 7 hours, because the surgeons found my kidneys to be so enlarged that they had to remove a number of the cysts to make room for the new kidney.  The immediate consequences were a 102-103 fever that I ran for a brief time on Tuesday morning and a bout of pneumonia that is being treated with antibiotics.  The good news is that the new kidney literally started spewing (their words, not mine) vast amounts of urine right away and continues to do so.  My creatinine level dropped like a stone, from 7.3 to (as of this morning) 1.7.

My incision is still sore and my catheter is still attached, but I am doing OK otherwise.  More updates to follow.

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