Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Now It Can Be Told

Monday's preop evaluation for my July 21 kidney transplant went well.  I still have to give one final sample of blood for tissue typing on Monday.

Best guess at present is that I will be in the hospital (Johns Hopkins) for about a week and that I will be unable to return to work until late September or early October at the earliest.  I will be taking a lot of anti-rejection medication and will have to avoid crowds and other locations that might harbor infection.  That includes Bronycon in early August, I'm sorry to say.

You may have been wondering about the identity of the donor.  It's my brother Andy, who made the decision to do it a couple of months ago. 


Pan Miluś said...

Congratulation on your translplant :)

Chris Barat said...


Don't count my kidney before it's transplanted... the actual surgery isn't for 2 weeks so let's hope that nothing complicates matters before then. :-)