Friday, February 7, 2014

Our "Frozen Assets" are Now... Un-frozen!

Well, now, THIS has been a week that even Fenton Crackshell would have found somewhat unsettling.  The snow that wiped out Monday's classes was followed by an ice storm early on Wednesday morning.  Just as Nicky told me that Stevenson would be opening at 11 a.m., a neighborhood transformer blew (or was smacked by a falling tree branch, same difference) and the power failed.  We had no power until Thursday afternoon, so Wednesday night was a chilly one.  At least we were able to preserve (most of) the food in our fridge and freezers by storing it outside in the below-freezing temps.

When the power went down, it apparently did something to the battery in the Verizon router that services our house.  Even after we regained electricity, we lacked TV, phone, and internet service.  I was all set to announce a delay in the posting of the next DUCKTALES RETROSPECTIVE on "Liquid Assets" (which, due to the introduction of new characters, extensive Barks references, and censorship cuts, is threatening to be a monster of a piece).  Nicky, however, just called me at my office to tell me that she bought a replacement battery and managed to fix the problem, so those "assets" may indeed be flowing your way before the weekend is over.  I do have several tests to create, however, so please bear with me.

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