Thursday, September 19, 2013

Silver ... with a Bullet

It just occurred to me that yesterday marked the 26th anniversary of the original broadcast of "Treasure of the Golden Suns."  Why is this relevant?  Because my original title for DUCKTALES RETROSPECTIVE was DUCKTALES AT 25.  That didn't last long, since I very quickly recognized that it would take more than a calendar year to finish this project.  Will I be mentioning anniversary #27 before all is said and done?  Hate to say it, but a lot will depend on my health...

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kenisu said...

Hey Chris! I figure this is something best brought up in private messages, but I'll post it here anyway.

I've put together a petition to try and get Disney Records or Intrada to release the complete music score from DuckTales, and it's going to need all the signatures it can get. If there's any way you can promote this thing on your blog, I'd appreciate it immensely!

Here's the link: