Thursday, May 26, 2011

kaboom! Disney Comics: Now Down to a Precious Two...

CHIP AND DALE'S RESCUE RANGERS is going away "for the time being" following issue #8, according to the Boom! comments forum. That leaves only DARKWING DUCK and the newly-born DUCKTALES, issue #1 of which appeared this week... and if the quality of issue #1 is any indication, DT may have been chopped off at the knees before it even got out of the gate. I'll have a full review this weekend, but for now, I'll say: If you don't have any prior knowledge about DuckTales, issue #1 is mediocre. If you do, it's dreadful.


Gregory Weagle said...

I just saw the preview; and man it was awful. Warren Spector has even less respect for canon than Brill does for Darkwing Duck.

I'm almost glad TaleSpin didn't get a comic book after this. I know that the TaleSpin Virtual Season comic steet is doing will get nowhere near the professionalism that Darkwing Duck did; but at least they have more respect for canon. Heck; my fanfics had more respect for canon and even that was shaky at best.

Chris Barat said...


I wasn't so much opposed to Spector tinkering with DT canon -- I actually was intrigued by the thought of DT/DW crossovers -- as turned off by the maladroit way in which he did it. Referring to Barks stories that were adapted for DT and then USING DETAILS OF THE BARKS VERSIONS OF THE STORIES RATHER THAN THE DT VERSIONS was the mark of a writer who was totally confused about what he was trying to do.