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Comics Review: DARKWING DUCK #12 (May 2011, kaboom!)

We have to endure a waddle on the decidedly weird side before "F.O.W.L. Disposition" comes to a close... but the craziness turns out to be a mere set-up for a shocking conclusion. I imagine that Ian Brill figured that a light, spoofy approach would help to take the edge off the gut-punch that he ultimately delivers in the story's second-from-last page. It's still a pretty powerful blow, and the fact that the future of this title is uncertain (granted, it's not been marked for discontinuance yet -- but once those first "classic Disney" dominoes have fallen, I think all bets are off) makes the end of the arc seem all the more troubling. This surely merits some



What a drastic way for DW to discover the error of his arrogant ways... losing Morgana (or at least watching her become "displaced") during the final showdown with Duckthulhu. Given that the Ducks were operating in an "alternative reality" at the time, it's possible that Morgue has "merely" been thrown into one of the Darkwing "parallel universes" (to possibly be reincarnated as a bowling ball?). In the absence of any apparent means of returning to the Regularverse St. Canard, pastry-based or otherwise, this is almost as bad as Morgue being corporeally cremated. How will DW react to this stunning loss? 

I must confess that when Morgue transferred the "rapidly deteriorating Duckthulhu scenario" to happy-face suburbia, I was (1) totally baffled and (2) not a little irritated. Not until the end of "The Evil God-Beast Who Came to Dinner" did it become clear that Morgue was simply channeling and amplifying the natural good feelings that our gang have for one another and using them as a weapon against Duckthulhu. That at least partially assuaged my disdain at yet another mockery of the suburban lifestyle, as if the Muddlefoots weren't satirical enough on that score. (Yes, I grew up in suburbia; how did you know?) As nutsoid as this entire scenario was, it provided further proof, as if any were needed, that Brill "gets" the unique style and humor sense of Darkwing Duck. Also appreciated was the brief summary of the previous story arcs that was provided by Duckthulhu... refreshingly, without editorial boxes to hammer home the point. I think Brill was pretty safe in assuming that most of the folks reading DW #12 have been on board since the beginning of the title.

It came as no surprise whatsoever that Femme Appeal turned out to be a SHUSH agent. Given her stick-out-like-a-sore-thumb, non-goofy appearance and overall air of butt-kicking "niceness," I'm amazed that FOWL seemed clueless as to her real nature; only Ammonia Pine, of all people, seemed to be "semi-on-to" her. Did Femme's brief confab with J. Gander Hooter indicate that she will be making a return appearance soon? If they don't need her on the set of Tale Spin in the meantime, that is.

Steelbeak's ultimate "fate" was interesting. One thing about the suave FOWL agent: he never seems to take anything too seriously, even when he's executing a diabolical scheme on behalf of his masters. Now, he actually appears to harbor a legitimate grudge against the shadowy leaders of FOWL (who actually got away pretty lightly considering that they were tinkering with incomprehensible supernatural powers; falling into a hole counts as only mild chastisement, I'd say) for screwing up the organization and its attendant creature comforts. A seriously mad, vengeful Steelbeak is a rooster of an entirely different comb-over. Who knows... perhaps he's so angry that he might, you know, decide to join forces with Darkwing for real.

If I was disappointed by "F.O.W.L. Disposition" in any way, it was in the relatively small roles played by Quiverwing Quack and Arrow Kid. On several occasions, the kids seemed poised to make a really big contribution to the fun, but it never quite came to pass. QQ and AK deserve a full-scale adventure all their own at some point. Hopefully, the title will last long enough for them to get one.

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Anonymous said...

I just hope morgana comes back in the end.

This is a childhoos show for me, not something i want to be depressed over