Sunday, September 26, 2010

Zine Review: THE HARVEYVILLE FUN TIMES! #74 (Summer 2010)

Conflict of interest? Yup, and who cares? I've been a contributor to Mark Arnold's "Harvey-themed" zine since 1993. This is the next-to-last issue before Mark hands over the reins to another individual... and it features the next-to-last RICHVILLE RUMINATIONS column that I plan to produce, though I'll certainly continue to post Harvey-related matter on this blog. The luscious "Queen of the In-Crowd," Bunny Ball, is this issue's featured cover girl. Jerry Boyd interviews BUNNY artist Hy Eisman and also provides an article on the BUNNY title, illustrated with enough eye-crossing late-60s psychedelic imagery to satiate even the "Deadest" of "Heads." Boyd throws in a nice reminiscence of the old Palisades Park theme park in New Jersey, where "Casper's Ghostland" was once one of the attractions. Throw in Mark Arnold's interview with SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH creator George Gladir, Joe Torcivia's penultimate "dead-tree" version of "The Issue at Hand", Milton Knight's memories of a brief sojourn at Harvey in the late 70s, and more reprints of Harvey-related ephemera than you can shake a Good Little Witch's wand at, and this is a bargain at $10.95 for 60 jam-packed pages. Even the formatting of the issue will surprise you (though not those who remember the earliest issues of SIMPSONS COMICS). Buy it, already!

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