Thursday, March 4, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Yesterday, Nicky and I made the trek up to Delaware for Chris Sturmfels' memorial service. The site was St. Andrew's School, the boarding school in Middletown where The Dead Poets Society was filmed. Chris' widow's parents worked at St. Andrew's and, with the students away on break, the school offered to host the event. 200 people were expected; 500 showed up. Nicky and I got there in time but couldn't get into the school auditorium, where the service was held. Luckily for the school, the fire marshal never showed up. We quickly retreated to the main building and the dining hall so as to be sure to meet the family members when the ceremony broke up. We couldn't stay to eat, but I'm glad we made the trip nonetheless. Thanks to everyone who's posted good wishes to my family.

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