Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Comics Review: DONALD DUCK AND FRIENDS #351 (Boom! Kids, February 2010)

The conclusion of the first "Double Duck" arc is nearly upon us, but the excitement level isn't quite what I had hoped for, given the generally enjoyable nature of this inaugural enterprise. The plot has gotten way too gnarled, a legitimately good cliffhanger (Donald getting knocked out by a mysterious assailant) was wasted in the familiar, awkward "cut-off point" in the middle of the issue, and, worst of all, Don seems fully prepared to grovel his way back to the kvetching Daisy when all is said and done, even after he's had another promising moment or two of bonding with Kay K. Perhaps Donald should have taken a hint from Mickey's scheme in "Love Trouble" and put some real fear into his unpleasantly jealous, eternally demanding girlfriend.

I frankly have no inkling what the upcoming denouement will hold. Marlo Burke appears to have been neutralized (though I'm a little suspicious of the way he "just gave up" following his kidnapping of Kay and Donald), but B-Black and B-Berry are still at large with the "McGuffin" computer/CD/whatever, and the i.d. of Red Primerose (who was barely mentioned in this chapter) still needs to be cleared up. Just to remind us what "universe" we're really in, Don makes a couple of references to "poof bombs" that sail right over Kay K and Jay J's heads. It's a funny bit, even if Boom! did get the real name of Magica's "foof bombs" wrong from the start in UNCLE $CROOGE.

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