Sunday, May 4, 2014

Merry is May-time...

... but, as you could probably tell from the lack of activity hereabouts, it hasn't been the merriest of times for me of late.  I just finished grading spring semester exams, and now I pitch right into the three-week May Term, starting tomorrow.  Stevenson is changing its calendar next year, adding a January term and eliminating the accelerated, three-week May session, so this will be the last time that I have to go through this.  Can't be helped, however, since Nicky and I need this money to pay for the kitchen renovation that we have been planning for some time and that will finally come to pass this Summer.

My stamina seems to have taken a tick downwards, which isn't a good sign, given the state of my kidneys.  Thankfully, a potential live donor has come forward (I'll withhold particulars for now), and I have every hope that I will be able to get my kidney transplant surgery done by the end of the Summer.  What that will mean for my ability to fulfill Fall teaching responsibilities, I couldn't begin to tell you at present.

I should be able to post some things this week, but "Allowance Day" will probably have to wait until the weekend.


Pan Miluś said...

I wish you all the best luck with the kidney transplant.

I'll shall pray for you :)

Ryan Wynns said...


I share Pan's sentiments. I can imagine that at this point, the worst part is the long wait. Hopefully, in a few months, the recovery will be speedy.

-- Ryan

Joe Torcivia said...

Consider that wish TRIPLED!