Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Don't Worry, Poppa Bear, We'll Get 'Em Sometime This Century.

The Chicago Cubs' new cartoon mascot, "Clark," has ginned up a fair amount of commentary, a good deal of it negative.  The Cubs have had "cubbie faces" and similar things on their jerseys before, but never have they turned the cub character into anything remotely resembling this.  In truth, I think that they missed a trick here.  They should have gone with an established "cub character" with built-in charisma and a proven track record of achievement:


Gregory Weagle said...

The problem is not the mascot; I think the mascot is fine and well drawn. The problem is (deep breath): HOW ABOUT FIELDING A CUBS TEAM THAT MIGHT HAVE A CHANCE TO ACTUALLY MAKE THE PLAYOFFS THIS YEAR?!

Regular GeoX said...

A blog I read characterized Clark as resembling "a first-year graduate student who's pretty damn sure that he's in way, way over his head." That seemed apt to me.