Sunday, May 19, 2013

"Disney Princesses" All

Here's a really neat image I happened across recently -- a veritable deluge of "Distaff Disney" characters.  Whoever put this together does appear to have missed a few, however.  Can you figure out which ones?


Mark Lungo said...

How about Lotta Lamour from the Tale Spin episode "The Road to Macadamia"? She's literally a princess, after all.

Chris Barat said...


I don't know that Lotta Lamour was ever a candidate. The choices seem to be movie characters and TV characters who had recurring roles. Lotta, of course, only appeared the one time.

How about Kim Possible? Mrs. Possible? Cadpig? Spot the Chicken? Do you see them anywhere?


Debbie said...

April, May and June never appeared on TV to my knowledge, and I only recall seeing Grandma Duck on "This is Your Life, Donald Duck". Brigitta MacBridge has been excluded, despite having made a handful of appearances in American Disney comics from the end of Gladstone's 1980's run and all the way to BOOM's line of Disney comics, most notably Scarpa's "Lights Fantastic" in Walt Disney's Valentine Classics. But I suppose that can be overlooked as Brigitta is probably better known in Italy than anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

If they included female characters of importance from the films, shouldn't Wendy Darling be there?

Maybe the drawing was done before "Wreck-It Ralph" came out, but I would include the two main females from that film. I.E., Vanillope van Schweetz and Sergeant Calhoun.

Richard Smyers

Chris Barat said...


You're correct, AM&J were exclusively comic-book characters, and Grandma mostly appeared in comic books and the DONALD daily strip.

Chris Barat said...


You're right re: Wendy Darling (and I think she had a little sister as well, correct?). As for the WRECK-IT RALPH characters, this montage may have been created before that movie was released; I don't have a release date for it.


Anonymous said...

Whoops! I see Wendy Darling is in that montage, between Esmerelda and Alice. And while Wendy had two brothers, her only female relatives in films were her mother, Mary, and her daughter, Jane, who is the protagonist in "Return to Neverland."

But look closely. Between Wendy and Esmerelda is a fifinella! And while fifinellas appeared in the book "Walt Disney's The Gremlins," and in a three-issue comic book series about ten years ago, they never appeared on TV or in a film. They also were on the unit insignia of the World War Two group, the WASPS. (That is, Women's Army Service PilotS.) They test-flew new planes as they came off the assembly lines, ferried aircraft all over the U.S., and towed gunnery sleeves at anti-aircraft training ranges.

Sometimes the new gunners got things mixed up, and shot at the towplane instead of the target sleeve, so it was dangerous work for the ladies. ("But Sarge, you said a plane towing a sleeve would fly over, and I was supposed to shoot that.")

The WASPS did not get status as military veterans until long after 1945.

Richard Smyers