Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The "Boarder" That Won't Leave

Earlier this Summer, Nicky and I spent several weekends repairing the peeling tar paper and rotting wood that made up the outer facade of the house's addition.  We took down the old stuff, attached new wood and a metal lattice, and covered the lattice with cement so that the facade would match that of the rest of the house.  We also replaced the old registers that allowed air to escape the large crawlspace beneath our bedroom.  However, we have not as yet replaced the wooden door guarding the only accessible entrance to the crawlspace, and it appears as though someone has taken advantage of it.

The owner of those "headlights" is a cat that we've glimpsed a couple of times out of doors but can't reach in the crawlspace because it's sitting too far back.  While we try to decide what to do with the interloper, we've given it a "peace offering" of some food and water in an effort to show it that we mean it no harm.  The gifts have been accepted with alacrity, but we remain in a state of stalemate, so to speak.

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