Monday, May 28, 2012

Our New Canine Shrine

Today's pickup of Harry's ashes from the emergency vet hospital led me to suggest to Nicky that we use one of the under-used shelves in our main room to display the remains of (from left to right) Harry, Bengie, Nicky's dog Paula (who died in 2007), and Nicky's beloved, "pre-me" dog Squirt.

The bone-shaped sign on Harry's container reads, "A Spoiled Jack Russell Terrier Lives Here."  Bengie "McBeasty" gets a lion statue.  Atop Paula's resting place is a dog-shaped picture frame with a pic of Paula's face in the space where the head should be.  We also kept each dog's collar and plan to display some more vintage pictures once we decide on which ones merit the honor of displayage.

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