Wednesday, March 21, 2012

To the Sweet 16

Seven of my "Sweet 16" teams made it to the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament, including three of my Final Four teams (but not, alas, the team I picked to go all the way). At this point, the Tournament seems to be Kentucky's to lose. I have no particular animus against Kentucky, but I would prefer that coach John Calipari's questionable employment of one-and-done mercenaries not be rewarded with an NCAA title. Given the fact that Calipari teams at UMass and Memphis had their Tournament runs expunged from the official records for various violations, might the ultimate 2012 champion turn out to be "Vacant"?

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Gregory Weagle said...

Unless the second team has violation so illegal that they have to DQ the runner up team as well; the answer to the vacant question is a no.