Friday, December 16, 2011

Empty Boxes for the Holidays

The reality of kaboom! Disney's "kaput-ness" is finally starting to sink in in the most tangible possible manner... no pickups for me at the comic-book store the last two weeks. I'm also starting to be troubled just a bit by the long delay in the appearance of RICHIE RICH #5 from Ape Entertainment. I've not seen any online evidence that RR #5 (or the first Ape issue of RR GEMS, for that matter) has been released. If someone has info to the contrary, then I'd appreciate him or her letting me know.

I do have a couple of collections "on the stack" and will be getting to them during the holiday season.

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Joe Torcivia said...

Even a short time ago, Chris, did you ever imagine that Richie Rich (…of all things) would be the “last comic standing”… or “propped against a backing board”… or whatever it is that comic books do to remain upright?

Oddly, depending on how much I like (or may come to dislike) DC’s “New 52” experiment, we may both find ourselves with no regular comic purchases – for the first time in decades!