Saturday, November 12, 2011

Foot Fault

On Friday morning, I fell down the front steps of our house and sustained a badly sprained right ankle. I'm supposed to stay off my right foot as much as possible for the next two weeks. After watching my game, but spastically inept, efforts to manipulate a set of crutches, Nicky went out this morning and rented a "knee-walker" that will enable me to scoot around campus a little more easily. It'll be a bit dicey, but I'll manage...


ramapith said...

Get better, Chris! (...And I'm not sure what a "knee-walker" is, but I'm glad Nicky found one. I'm picturing something like those "city-walkers" from the old Lars Jensen Gyro "future" stories... where you stand or sit on the machine, and it walks for you with its own feet down below. That can't be it!)

Chris Barat said...


Here is a web site with lots of info on knee-walkers:

I wish the real thing were more like the Gyro device. No such luck.


Ryan Wynns said...


Here's to a speedy recovery! Glad you've figured out a way to stay on-schedule the next couple weeks -- guess nothing holds you down for long!


Joe Torcivia said...

I’d say many of us wish LOTS of things were more like “Gyro’s versions” than those that exist in real life – mailboxes, bathtubs, pop-up toasters, etc.

That said; rest easy that your knee-walker will probably never run amok through downtown Owings Mills.

Get well, Chris!