Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gridiron Gear-Up

The schedule for Stevenson's first season of football next fall has been released. The Mustangs are in a challenging, Pennsylvania-based league, and their first home game on Sept. 10 is against a team that made the NCAA Division III Tournament last year. We're getting all sorts of happy talk at the SU Web site about the brave new world of football competition, but my Mom's alma mater, which is about as old as Stevenson, introduced football just two years ago, and its record speaks for itself. If we can "break our duck" during the 2011 season, I'll be more than happy with that, even if we do little else.

The basketball teams are slogging through another poor season. The guys are presently 6-14, the girls 2-18. At least the new digs at Owings Mills are getting good reviews.

Only at Stevenson would you hear: "When does lacrosse season start?" Maybe football can do something about that starting later in 2011.


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My mom definitely appreciates that sentiment!