Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mid-October Clearance!

Sorry for the lack of activity of late. Here are some quick updates on recent doings:

(1) Stevenson's official memorial service for Susan Slattery is scheduled for Tuesday, October 26, at 12:30. This means that I may have to do something I very rarely do: cancel class. My Basic Stats class meets 12:10-2 Tuesdays and Thursdays. I currently have a test planned for Thursday of that week, so I may be able to cut the Tuesday class short without sacrificing too much in terms of new material. Of course, the time of the service could be changed in the meantime.

(2) This Friday afternoon, SU science students will be making artificial reef balls for the Chesapeake Bay, a project that Susan had been working on before her accident. I should be able to help out for at least part of the time.

(3) Nicky is doing well but still can't go back to work. She has another follow-up visit with the surgeon in early November. As for my hernia issue, I've scheduled my surgery for mid-December, after winter commencement. Hopefully, I'll recover quickly and be able to enjoy Christmas, though, if I get any heavy boxes for presents, someone else will have to lift and carry them for me.

(4) Congrats to the Phillies for their NLDS win. I think, however, that their upcoming NLCS with the Giants will be the toughest pre-World Series challenge they've had in the last three years. Their offense is too inconsistent for my taste.

(5) Next Monday, I turn 48!

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