Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Three-Gone Conclusion

All credit to Butler for somehow, some way, finding its way to victory despite bagging only one basket in the final 12 minutes against Michigan State. I think that the Bulldogs' margin for error is gone and Duke will probably win Monday night's title game by double digits.


Joe Torcivia said...

Bet I know who Alfred, Cadbury, and Duckworth are rooting for! Veddy good, Sir!

Gregory Weagle said...

The final result was much closer than that as the Butler was one missed basket short to victory. Shame....On the other hand; I think this should end that mid-majors cannot compete in the NCAA's meme though.

My original thought was that Butler would have one more upset in them and they would beat Duke. I was three points short which isn't too bad for a losing prediction.

Chris Barat said...


I frankly was amazed as to how well Butler hung in there with Duke. Not that I thought Duke was great --this is almost certainly the weakest of their four title teams --but I thought Butler was living on borrowed time given the good fortune they had recieved in the Tournament.

I think, had Hayward's shot gone in, it might well have gone down as the single most famous shot in the history of basketball -- college or pro.