Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Barats' Sense of Snow -- First Wave

Here are some pictures Nicky took in the aftermath of last weekend's 32-inch snowstorm. We're still digging out from under phase 2 but hope to put up some pics of the aftermath of that trifling little 18-incher once we've made some progress.

A beautiful cake-icing effect on our roof. We decided that safety trumped aesthetic beauty and knocked the overhang down.

The well-insulated Bengie was constantly "underpaw" as we shoveled. We quickly cleared the deck and patio so that he, Harry, and Shasta could transact their business...

... and, just in case a little privacy was desired, we carved out a pathway under the deck.

Implements of war -- or should that be entrenchment? -- stacked under the shadow of Old Glory.

And all traces of this valiant work would soon disappear under yet another blanket of white. Stop eating turkey, already, Junior Woodchucks!

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