Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Boom! Busts a Move

The first month of releases isn't even complete -- DONALD DUCK AND FRIENDS should finally arrive tomorrow -- and Boom! Kids is already shuffling its "classic Disney comics deck." According to PREVIEWS, Boom! is planning to move Wizards of Mickey and Ultraheroes into their own eponymous titles in January. MICKEY MOUSE AND FRIENDS will fall by the wayside as a result, and the ultimate plans for WALT DISNEY'S COMICS AND STORIES are unclear at the moment, but this decision draws what I consider to be a reasonable "line of demarcation" between more "traditional" titles and titles going in a "bold new direction." The division isn't rigid -- DONALD DUCK AND FRIENDS, with its planned use of Donald as super secret agent "Double Duck," certainly qualifies as a "traditional" release -- but I think it will make it easier for all of the different sorts of Disney comics fans to swallow Boom!'s considerable innovations. Now, if Boom! can only spruce up that dialogue a wee bit...

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