Monday, September 15, 2008

Treading "HO"

A week without any posts, but my comics "inbox" is currently empty and I haven't yet started on my next reading "assignment": MEANWHILE..., R.C. Harvey's monstrous biography of Milton Caniff. I may get started on that one tomorrow, as a breakdown of the water supply has caused classes at the Greenspring campus of Stevenson to be cancelled until tomorrow evening.

On other fronts, I'm obviously delighted that Notre Dame has started 2-0 following last season's train wreck. Not even Charlie Weis' ugly ACL injury could stop the Irish from avenging a couple of recent beatdowns at the hands of Michigan. I'd still be plenty happy with 7-8 wins and a minor bowl game from this rebuilding team... The Phillies' sweep of the Milwaukee Brewers cost Milwaukee's manager his job and propelled the Phils into a good position in the wild-card race -- not to mention the division, which the Mets seem to be in the process of coughing up for the second straight year. The Phils have handled adversity well this season... success, not so much. They just need to take care of business on the road this week.

Nicky asked me to let you know that Rick Wright, keyboardist for Pink Floyd, passed away today at age 65 from cancer.

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