Saturday, August 30, 2008

For Want of a Nail, Should We Lose the Gloves?

Joe Torcivia recently posted some musings regarding the peculiar omnipresence of white gloves on the hands of many Disney (and other studios') cartoon characters. (Notable exceptions to this "rule" are the Disney Ducks.) The piece put me in mind of the weirdest "glove moment" I've ever experienced in a comic-book story. From WALT DISNEY'S COMICS AND STORIES #75, December 1946, Carl Barks' "Turkey Trouble":

I think this even trumps Dwight Decker's recollection of a Beagle Boy filing his nails while wearing gloves. Note that the colorists made the mistake of coloring the Good Joes Turkey Shoot honcho's gloves in flesh tones. You know it's a mistake because, earlier in the story, a different character gets the white-glove treatment:

The nail-cutting scene must have perplexed the colorists to the extent that they figured Barks MUST have meant the guy to have bare hands, those telltale "glove lines" notwithstanding.


Mark Arnold said...

Actually, it looks like the left hand should have been gloved, while the right hand shouldn't have been gloved.

Gloves are dumb.

Get rid of them.

I doubt anyone would notice unless they made a big deal about it.

Charlotte said...

Good for people to know.

Anonymous said...
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