Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Yesterday was the announced release date for both Volume 3 of TaleSpin and Season 2, Volume 2 of Gargoyles through Disney Movie Club.  I've decided to hold off on joining DMC and will instead wait to see when/if these releases start appearing on Amazon or eBay.  For various reasons, I'm simply not willing to take on the DMC commitment, at least at present.


kenisu said...

Good for you.

Because - BRRRR! - I've looked up reviews of the DMC, and it sounds like signing your soul over to Satan, on a day where he's particularly clumsy with his records. "Oh whoops, didn't see that you stated on no uncertain terms that you didn't want us to charge your account and send you these titles. Have fun not paying the bills you now lack the money for!"

I keep finding all these horror stories and negative reviews of the Movie Club, so I'm absolutely NOT taking my chances with them. It sounds like even canceling your DMC account is a hopeless nightmare.

It truly sucks when I realize this is probably what they had in mind all along, to consciously withhold Disney Afternoon "finishing" sets from the fans for several years, and then give them a big middle finger by releasing these sets as DMC exclusives. "You want these? Here, sign this contract, and don't mind the fine pr- er, ink stain!"

I'm even starting to regret signing up for their new D23 site just so I could read a couple of flimsy, bare-bones articles, because even though they don't have my bank account info, they now have my email address and I'm sure to be pestered into oblivion with announcements I don't care about.

Like you, I'll have to resort to the slimy eBay scalpers if I want these things, because anything's cheaper than selling your soul, right? And for every scalped DVD set sold, none of the revenue will reach Disney themselves, so it won't show them that the Disney Afternoon is still very much in demand, and they won't pay it the attention it's been sorely lacking for the past decade and a half.

Gads! Seems like getting the 2-hour cuts of the TV specials on DVD singles is only a pipe dream after all...

Pan Miluś said...

Please tell this is not the official cover...

Chris Barat said...


As far as I know, this is the official cover. And, yes, I agree with you that it is EXTREMELY clumsily staged.


Chris Barat said...

Just checked ebay -- two copies of TS3 are already on sale there (for $40 and $49.99).