Thursday, May 30, 2013

Is the "WDTVA Dike" Actually Breaking?

Most of the reaction to my previous post on the Disney Movie Club release of two volumes of GOOF TROOP episodes centered -- unsurprisingly -- on the prospects for a revived American Disney Comics line.  After all, there was no evidence that the TV series that most of us REALLY wanted to see on DVD were in any "imminent danger" of release.  Well, we may have to readjust our expectations.  From the Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers message board The Acorn Cafe comes the word that the Disney Movie Club will be releasing two more WDTVA sets: Gargoyles Season Two, Part Two and TaleSpin Part ThreeThe tentative release date is June 25.

All due respect to Gargoyles partisans, but I think that the TaleSpin release is the more significant one in this case.  For quite some time, Gargoyles fans have been hammering away (with the verbal and electronic equivalents of stonemason's tools, I would guess) at Disney for suspending releases of the series, especially since there are still enough unreleased episodes to make for a fairly sizable DVD package.  The two previous TaleSpin sets, by contrast, collected 54 of the series' 65 episodes, and the impression that the DVDs were simply "thrown out there" with no intention of releasing the final 11 episodes "jes' grew" over time.  If TaleSpin is completed and Volume 3 sells well, then it's entirely likely that Disney will throw wide the door of that mythical "vault" and let loose the remaining "Golden Age" WDTVA episodes.  It may be time to look into joining the Disney Movie Club.

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